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          The Yelp for Digital Agencies

          Josh Koenig

          Business Development Manager

          When looking for services on the internet it’s often helpful to have a single destination that aggregates businesses and service providers with examples of their work and reviews from real customers. For restaurants and local businesses there’s Yelp, for local service providers there’s Angie’s List, and for digital agencies like ourselves there’s Clutch.co.

          When making a decision that could be critical to the success or failure of your business like choosing a software development partner it can be hard to know where to turn. As a business owner or entrepreneur you might be able to talk to people in your network, but not everyone has access to the right type of partner. A website like Clutch allows you to do your own research and compare and contrast potential partners by taking a look at past projects, areas of expertise, and reviews. They thoroughly vet all vendors on their platform and perform in-depth interviews with past clients to procure high quality and helpful reviews.

          We at Sidebench know that we won’t be the right fit for every type of project, and find that clients who come to us through Clutch tend to be well-informed and prepared for an initial conversation. In fact, some of our favorite clients and largest accounts have found us through the platform.

          We’re proud to be included on multiple Clutch Leaders Matrices, including the?Top Los Angeles App Developers Leaders Matrix?and Top Salesforce Consultants and Consulting Firms. Be sure to check out our profile as well and see what some of our past clients have to say about our work.